Victory! Costco has agreed to remove over a dozen red list fish, pursue better practices in aquaculture and assume more of a leadership role in the ongoing global effort to develop a more sustainable tuna industry. Thanks to all who helped with this campaign.

Activist Toolkit

We can change the way that Costco does business by making sure that people everywhere know the truth about their seafood. And that's exactly what we are doing right now. Greenpeace activists all over the country are spreading the message in their communities that Costco means wholesale ocean destruction.

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Download the activist toolkit today to find out how you can get involved. Simply give us your name and email address below, hit submit and you can download the toolkit PDF. Please save this file to your computer. We'll be following up with you to make sure you have everything you need to be successful.

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Check out our bulk facilities! Who cares about bycatch and red list fish anyhow?