Victory! Costco has agreed to remove over a dozen red list fish, pursue better practices in aquaculture and assume more of a leadership role in the ongoing global effort to develop a more sustainable tuna industry. Thanks to all who helped with this campaign.


Costco doesn't have a comprehensive sustainable seafood policy to help guide them on the path to ocean conservation.

Sustainable Seafood Policy

Costco is lacking transparency in its chain of custody, so consumers can't make informed decisions on where their seafood is coming from. Stocked on the warehouse shelves of Costco, you'll find a very large inventory of red list seafood. Compared to the other major players in the big box retail world, Costco trails far behind.

Costco must implement a sustainable seafood policy to govern its purchasing behavior. Effective sustainable seafood purchasing policies will ensure the long-term sustainability of all the seafood products supermarkets sell. This is good for both the environment and for business, as consumers increasingly consider the impact of their seafood purchases on the health of the oceans.



Check out our bulk facilities! Who cares about bycatch and red list fish anyhow?